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Things to know...
  • Drivers must comply with their state’s legal requirements for auto coverage at all times
  • Some auto insurance companies may deny coverage related to the number of claims filed and other factors
  • There are multiple places to purchase insurance if you have been denied coverage by some providers

Most states require drivers to purchase and maintain a minimum amount of car insurance at all times, and some have significant penalties that you may face if you are caught driving without proper insurance in place.

For example, some states may issue fines or revoke your driver’s license if you violate minimum coverage requirement regulations.

While you may do your best to find affordable car insurance, there may be times when multiple insurance companies deny your request for coverage.

Without proper auto insurance in place, you may not be able to legally drive your car. The inability to legally drive can create substantial hardship or inconvenience in some cases, such as preventing you from commuting to work or running errands as needed.

You may be wondering if there are any options available to get the coverage you need to be legally insured in your state. The good news is that most drivers will be able to obtain coverage through some alternative resources.

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Join Your State’s Assigned Risk Pool


One insurance company denying you coverage does not mean that all providers will deny coverage. Remember that each provider reviews your driving history and other factors uniquely, which means that some may insure you even if others do not.

Shopping online and comparing rates is an excellent way to save time while exploring the options available to you.

Even with your best effort, however, you still may not be able to find the coverage you need through numerous providers you reach out to. Drivers who do not qualify for auto insurance through other sources may be able to obtain coverage through a state-assigned risk pool.

Each state has this type of pool, and it essentially brings together high-risk drivers in a pool so that insurance companies can moderate risk.

While this coverage is an option, it may not always be affordable. Some of the primary ways to save money on car insurance may not be available with assigned risk pool coverage, such as:

  • Using auto insurance discounts
  • Adjusting your deductible
  • Taking other similar steps

If this is your only feasible option for coverage, you may need to reduce spending in other areas of your budget so that the premium is affordable.

Look for High-Risk Auto Insurance Coverage


Many car insurance companies specialize in providing low rates to drivers with an excellent driving history, but others specialize in insuring high-risk drivers. High-risk drivers may be people who have been in multiple car accidents or who have several traffic citations on their record.

Some new or inexperienced drivers who do not yet have a solid driving record may also be considered high-risk by some insurance companies.

In some cases, the driver may have a great history, but the area where the driver lives may statistically be risky. For example, the area may statistically have a very high number of auto accidents or vehicle thefts.

If this is the case for you, relocating to another area may be necessary if you access to more affordable coverage options.

Drivers can save $859/yr* by comparing car insurance

*based on a survey of 1,000 car insurance customers

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— Saving Money on High-Risk Auto Insurance Coverage

High-risk auto insurance rates can be expensive, and in some cases, the rates may be unaffordable for some drivers. If buying high-risk auto insurance is your primary option available for coverage, there may be some steps that you can take to save money on your coverage.

A few money-saving ideas include:

  • Adjusting your auto coverage type and limits
  • Increasing your car insurance deductible
  • Taking a driver’s safety course
  • Taking advantage of as many auto insurance discounts as possible
  • Shopping around to find the best rate available on car insurance, even with high-risk insurance companies
  • Bundling your auto insurance with other types of coverage, such as life or home coverage

Improve Your Driving Record


Many drivers who have trouble finding car insurance or who cannot find coverage that is affordable for their budget may have a blemished driving record. A tarnished driving record may include a combination of accident-related claims and traffic citations over the last few years.

Improving your driving record may help you to qualify for lower rates or coverage with a better insurance company.

You may improve your driving record by taking extra steps to be safer on the road. Some excellent safety tips that you can follow to gradually improve your driving record over the next few years include:

  • Paying attention to all posted traffic signs
  • Driving at or below the speed limit at all times
  • Adjusting your driving behavior at night or during inclement weather
  • Avoiding driving when road conditions are less than ideal
  • Staying focused while driving; no distractions
  • Taking a defensive driving course

Remember that each time that you get behind the wheel, you may be involved in an accident — even if you are only driving a few miles down the road.

Even when you take these steps, it may take time to re-establish a good driving record. It is wise to compare auto insurance rates every six to eight months while your record is improving.

You may still be denied coverage the first few times when you request quotes, but you may eventually be approved for more affordable auto insurance.

When to File a Car Insurance Claim


Some drivers will file a claim each time they are involved in even a minor fender bender, but this is not always advantageous. Certainly, you want to submit a claim for a severe or expensive event.

However, if the damage to your car is only $600 and your deductible is $500, it may not be worthwhile to have this extra item on your claims history.

Deciding when to file a claim may help you to avoid the possibility of being denied for affordable coverage in the future.

Focus on Your Car Insurance Rates and Driving Record

You may understandably feel stressed by your inability to qualify for auto insurance rates. After all, without coverage, you cannot legally drive your vehicle.

As you can see, there are several options available to consider when some insurance companies deny your request for coverage.

Explore all of the coverage options today, and take steps to improve your driving record going forward.

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