Can I get cheap car insurance with a DUI conviction?

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Car insurance after a DUI is rather complicated. Finding cheap car insurance after a DUI is almost like picking the winning lotto numbers for Saturday’s draw … Forget about cheap car insurance rates after a DUI and just try to obtain affordable coverage!!

A DUI conviction is one of the highest ranked risk factors all car insurance companies use to qualify drivers and many car insurance companies will not even insure anyone with a DUI conviction for several years after the DUI charge. While obtaining car insurance is never impossible you are now in the high-risk category of drivers and will be subject to much higher rates (sometime 200% or more of your current premiums) and have much less options of car insurers to choose from.

Do you have to tell a car insurance company about a DUI conviction?

No – but if you want to prevent a car insurance company for later denying coverage or avoid the severe penalties of failing to comply with a SR-22 form filing requirement then YES you have to tell your car insurance company.

There is nothing good going to come from hiding a DUI conviction from your car insurance company so man up and take responsibility for this serious lack of judgment on your part. DUI penalties are stiff in many states with automatic license suspension, heavy fines, mandatory counseling and other penalties just for your first offense. Driving under the influence is treated very serious and a single DUI conviction can cause your world to turn upside down for 6 months or more.

What is the SR-22 form filing requirement?

The SR-22 form is a financial responsibility form imposed by the court to irresponsible drivers. While those convicted of a DUI charge are the most common to have an SR-22 form filing requirement people who were at-fault in a car accident and driving with no insurance or those who simply did not have the financial resources to cover all damages can also be subject to a SR-22 form. Every judge has a discretion as to who will be required to file a SR-22 form.

How a SR-22 correlates to car insurance however is that this form is the “red flag” for car insurance companies. No matter why you are have been ordered to file a SR-22 form auto insurers will automatically classify you as high risk. While some car insurers may not deny you outright based on your profile they simply do not offer a SR-22 filing service and thus can not offer you coverage.

“The person under the SR-22 form filing requirement can not file the form – A licensed car insurer must do so!  Some drivers call it the Catch 22 form”

What is the best way to get car insurance after a DUI?

Car insurance comparison will be the key. Talk to your current insurance provider and then compare other auto insurers about your options. There are many auto insurance companies who specialize in high-risk car insurance however you might want to avoid some of these as much like the sub-prime mortgage market or bad credit consumer loan companies customer reviews never shine really high on these service providers.

What if I keep getting denied car insurance after a DUI?

Call your State Department of Insurance and ask about programs for high risk car insurance. All states have programs which mandate car insurance companies to offer coverage to high-risk drivers and sometimes becoming eligible for this program is much cheaper than some of the high-risk car insurance policies offered in the voluntary market.

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