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Can I get a car insurance policy without owning a car?

Car insurance without a car? Why would anyone need car insurance without owning a vehicle? Believe it or not there are many reasons why someone would need car insurance without having title to a car.

Car insurance is mandatory for anyone operating a vehicle and while most auto insurance policies automatically provide coverage for drivers who operate a vehicle with the owners consent there are circumstances when having your own policy in place is not just preferable but also a requirement of law.

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When would you need car insurance if you do not own a vehicle?

If you operate a vehicle owned by someone else for random outings like a last minute run to the food store or picking up a coffee at Starbucks then you will most likely be covered by the owners car insurance policy in the vent of an accident however frequent use can make a car insurance company want to exclude you from coverage. Whenever you drive someone else’s car in a primary fashion it’s a very good idea to buy car insurance coverage define as a Non-Owner car insurance policy.

This type of car insurance is coverage for you (an individual driver) and not attached to specific car. Non-Owner auto insurance is basically another layer of insurance protection for damages resulting from a car accident when you operate a vehicle owned by another party. This is very important car insurance coverage to have since the owner’s auto insurance company may not cover any liability if they determine you have been operating the vehicle much like a primary driver without having disclosed such use to the insurance provider.

Non-Owner car insurance is also extremely critical to have for people driving a car where the owner does not have sufficient coverage in place. Many drives till opt for basic car insurance to meet State Minimum Car Insurance Laws and while this minimum coverage will prevent ticketing it still is not sufficient enough coverage to avoid exposure to personal liability in many accidents.

What happens if I cause a car accident operating someone else’s car?

Car insurance laws pertaining to driver liability for an at-fault car accident operating another person car can sometimes by hard to understand and the application of these laws can vary. While the owner’s car insurance coverage may cover some damages they are elements of the policy which may not extend to anyone else but the insured policy holder depending on the unique events of the car accident. Victims can file suit against you and your personal assets but with a sufficient Non-Owners car insurance policy in place you will have some additional protection.

How does Non-Owner Car Insurance Coverage work?

Non-Owner car insurance coverage works as a supplemental insurance. Whenever a car accident happens and type of damage will be first subject to the vehicle owners’ auto insurance policy. If the policy coverage of the vehicle owner provides insufficient limits of coverage then the Non-Owner car insurance will kick in, up to the limits of coverage detailed in the policy.
If you feel like a Non-Owners car insurance policy is right for you then its best to peak with a licensed car insurance company about your policy options as Non-Owners car insurance can be a little difficult to understand.

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