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Atlantic Master Plan is a unique type of insurance company who focuses on consumers with large assets. Instead of offering traditional car insurance coverage Atlantic Master Plan offers a type of umbrella insurance policy. Policyholders can benefit from having one insurance policy to protect their vehicles, jewelry, homes and other assets.

While Atlantic Master Plan Insurance may not be for everybody there are certainly are many benefits to having a single insurance policy for all your needs including lower Premiums from a reduction in duplicate coverage and ease of dealing with a single provider for claims

Atlantic Master Plan Coverage

While many drivers have standalone car insurance policies customers of Atlantic Master Plan Insurance take advantage of just one policy that provides insurance coverage for almost all your assets including:

  • Second and/or Vacation homes
  • Luxury Homes
  • Unique Residences
  • Liability Protection
  • Vehicles
  • Rare art, jewelry, antiques and other valuable assets
  • Watercraft
  • and much more

Who underwrites Atlantic Master Plan Insurance Coverage?

Atlantic Master Plan policyholders are 100% reinsured by the ACE insurance company which is rated A+ from both Standard and Poors and A.M. Best.

Atlantic Master Plan Highlights

With a single insurance policy for many of your insurance needs The Atlantic Master Plan provides a wealth of advantages over typical individual policies for many consumers including:

  • Duplicate Coverage Reduction across standalone policies (reducing cost)
  • Built in Insurance Discounts
  • A Single Bill and Policy for almost all your insurance needs
  • Full Replacement Coverage for your home
  • Automatic protection for valuable assets (jewelry, fine arts, computers and other valuables)
  • Good Driver Discounts
  • Personal Liability Protection
  • Identity Fraud Protection
  • Tiered car insurance risk evaluation as each driver is measure individually and good drivers earn discounts

Atlantic Master Plan Insurance Rates

It’s very hard to compare the cost of car insurance through Atlantic Master Plan to traditional car insurance companies like Geico or Allstate since you are not purchasing a stand-alone policy but a replacement policy for almost all your insurance needs. The only real way to see if an Atlantic Master Plan Insurance Policy is for you will be to call the company direct and talk about your insurance needs.

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