Are car keys covered on car insurance?

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Things to know...
  • Some car insurance policies will cover lost car keys automatically
  • A car key rider can be added to insure your lost keys for listed amounts
  • Check your insurance policy to make sure it has the car key coverage you need

Losing the keys to your car is an extremely expensive mistake to make these days. This is because when you misplace your keys, you are misplacing an asset that can cost a pretty penny to have replaced.

It is not uncommon in this day and age for your vehicle model to come with keys that can cost up to $500 just to replace individually.

Losing your keys does not present you with many options in terms of what you can do as you pretty much have to replace those keys or you will be out of luck in being able to use your car.

What about your car insurance though? Would your insurance cover your lost keys?

As with anything that has to do with car insurance, the answer is typically it depends on and that is also the case here.

There are going to be instances where your car insurance is going to cover those lost keys, and there are going to be other times when the insurance simply does not.

It all comes down to understanding your car insurance policy and being able to help make that determination so you are educated before putting in a claim.

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Every Insurer is Different


Every single insurance company out there is going to be different in terms of the coverages that they offer to their insureds.

Some companies are going to be more dedicated to giving favorable terms and conditions to customers for things such as replacement of keys, while others are not.

Those that are more favorable are also likely to carry a higher premium along with it as well. It all starts with knowing your options and what your coverage allows before you buy your policy in the first place.

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The Lost Keys Provision

There are going to be some car insurance policies that are going to provide you with a layer of coverage for your car keys.

Lost key coverage could come standard based on your coverage terms, or it could be required that you add what is known as a key replacement rider to your policy.

A key replacement rider basically adds an endorsement to the policy where you can list out your car keys, their value, and have them covered in that way.

Review your car insurance policy when you get a chance to see what would happen should you ever file a claim for lost keys that need replacement.

If your standard coverage does not provide you with what you are looking for, try and add that optional rider so that you will have it when the situation arises.

Checking the Deductible


The other factor that has to be taken into consideration here is going to be your deductible.

If you file a claim for replacement of your car keys and the cost of replacing those keys is less than your deductible, chances are you are not going to actually be reimbursed anything by your insurer. In these cases, there really is no need to file a claim at all.

You want to look at your declarations page to see what your deductible is and also if that deductible would even apply to replacement keys and a claim that you would file related to them.

Losing your car keys is not an enjoyable experience, but that is why we have car insurance. Check your car insurance policy to see how it handles things such as replacement keys.

When you are shopping for car insurance, do price comparisons among the various insurers to see what they offer for this type of coverage and the premium that is associated with it.

When you have a full grasp of what your policy covers, you will know whether or not it covers your replacement keys before the problem ever happens.

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