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In a nutshell...
  • Cheap car insurance is only the result of how much you know about auto insurance and the steps you take to shop around
  • Remember that purchasing car insurance should be treated the same way as buying a new car
  • Always compare providers, learn about the details of a policy and focus on many of the intangible factors such as customer service and claims handling

Car insurance rates can seem very expensive for some drivers. Leasing a car, young drivers or people considered high-risk often have a challenging time finding affordable premiums.

There are many options to help you find cheap car insurance rates – you just need to spend a little time researching car insurance companies and learning about ways to lower your auto insurance premium costs.

The following seven tips for cheap car insurance will certainly help you get better rates even if you fall into the high-risk category of drivers.

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Car Insurance Discounts

The road to cheap car insurance will always be easiest by applying as many car insurance discounts as you can. Do you know what discounts apply to your profile?

Many drivers assume that all eligible discounts are applied upon application but this is far from the truth. Most car insurance companies simply have a standard set of questions to ask before issuing a policy.

If you spend some time and learn about what discounts are around, then you can ask any potential insurer specifically about qualifying for these discounts.

Buy a Safe Vehicle

Much of your car insurance premiums are based on the type of car insured.

If you buy a vehicle without airbags, anti-theft systems or even anti-lock brakes then odds are you will always spend more money on car insurance premiums than people with safer cars.

Look for cars that have many standard safety features and compare vehicle safety ratings to find a balance between safety, comfort, and cost.

Higher Deductibles

Policy deductibles are one of the fastest ways to lower car insurance.

While most policies have a standard $250 deductible raising your deductible to $500 or $1,000 can quickly lower your auto insurance premiums by sometimes 20 percent or more.

Of course, in the event of an accident you need to be prepared to pay the higher deductible but for many people, the savings is well worth the risk of a higher out-of-pocket cost from a car accident.

Many drivers simply sign up for the suggested car insurance coverage a provider offers so take a few moments and consider whether or not you are over-insured.

Drivers can save $859/yr* by comparing car insurance

*based on a survey of 1,000 car insurance customers

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Combine Policies

Have your homeowners and car insurance with 2 different companies?

Look at bundling up your insurance needs with the same company. Multi-policy discounts can often save 10 or 20 percent on auto insurance and you have the convenience of dealing with the same company for any claims.

Compare Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance comparison is the ultimate key to cheap car insurance. There are very few stories around where a driver has the best car insurance rates by only calling one company.

Take advantage of the internet and compare car insurance companies until you find the best combination of rates and coverage from a reliable provider.

Cheap car insurance is only the result of how much you know about auto insurance and the steps you take to shop around.

While auto insurance is mandatory by law, there is no mandatory requirement to pay expensive premiums.

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