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Cheap car insurance is very possible and with over 100 licensed car insurance companies in most states its up to you to find the cheapest car insurance rates available. While every car insurance company will quote different rates there are many steps you can take to get the lowest car insurance rates for your profile.

Our top 10 tips for finding cheap car insurance quotes are:

#1) Understand Deductibles

One of the quickest ways to cheap car insurance rates will be to accept a higher policy deductible. While a higher deductible will mean more money out of pocket in the event of a car accident it can also mean a substantial reduction in your monthly premiums. If you can afford $500 or $1,000 should you need to file a claim then its worth considering accepting a higher deductible in trade for lower premiums.

#2) Work in your Underwear?

If you are like many people of this generation and commute more to a coffeemaker than a real office ask about low mileage discounts. Car insurance rates are based on mileage that assumes a driver commutes daily to work but if you work from home and drive less than 5,000 miles annually it’s possible to save up to 50% or more with a low mileage discount.

#3) Fix Your Credit!

Even people who always pay their bills on time can have errors on their credit report. Your credit score can affect car insurance rates so pull a copy of your credit report before applying for car insurance and dispute any errors or late payments. A better credit score may not lead to better car insurance rates but will certainly prevent you from getting higher premiums.

#4) Survey Friends

While it’s hard to get the truth out of some people about who took the last can of soda in the company fridge everyone will tell you the truth about their experience with a car insurance company. Ask around, gather opinions and try to narrow down your list of companies who have good recommendations.

#5) Never Expect Discounts – Always Ask

Car insurance discounts can easily add up to 30% or more off car insurance rates but do you really expect a car insurance company to tell you every discount available? Learn about the common car insurance discounts around and ask any potential insurer about your eligibility. Go one by one through the list.

#6) Combine Policies

Multi-policy discounts are big and can result in 20% or more of savings on car insurance. If you’re happy with your current homeowners or life insurance company inquire direct about obtaining car insurance through them. Obviously don’t forget to compare other car insurance companies but never forget to ask any current insurance provider for a quote.

#7) Buy a Safe car

Buy a car with tons of factory installed safety features. The more qualifying safety features a car has the cheaper your car insurance rates (approved safety features of course)

#8) Go Green

Hybrid cars not only make you cool and help save the world from the oil companies but many car insurance companies offer automatic discounts just for driving a hybrid car.

#9) Turn on the Charm

Flirting with or complimenting people in person may help you get though lonely parts of your life but opening up and making a customer service rep laugh a little may also help get a better quote (especially if they do not work off commission). Obviously don’t be a putz but just be nice. This may not work with all agents but thankfully most car insurance companies have switchboards where you can hang up and call back where some other person will answer the phone.

#10) Always Compare

Every car insurance company is different. What is considered high risk by one insurer may be acceptable at another. While many of the brand name car insurance companies have common ways of measuring risk there are well over 100 licensed car insurance companies in most states, many which offer the same level of customer service and security as the big brand names like Geico, Allstate and State Farm. Never just compare a couple companies – always compare as many car insurance companies as you can.

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