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Tennessee Car Insurance

Tennessee has over 150 licensed car insurance companies and even with mandatory car insurance requirements its not hard to find affordable car insurance in Tennessee. Car insurance rates for registered vehicles in Tennessee run around 20% less than the national average and almost all drivers can take advantage of a wealth of discounts for even lower rates.

Tennessee Auto Insurance Requirements

Minimum car insurance requirements in Tennessee require all vehicles to carry liability insurance or an application for tags will be denied along with possible fines and other penalties should you be convicted of driving with no car insurance. Mandatory minimum auto insurance requirements in Tennessee (2010) are as follows:

  • $25,000 liability coverage per accident (for injuries to one person)
  • $50,000 combined liability coverage per accident (all injured persons)
  • $15,000 liability coverage for property damage

While TN car insurance requirements seem reasonable for most vehicle damage liability insurance still only covers damage to property other people own. Any damage or injuries you sustain will not be covered with a liability-only insurance policy if the accident was your fault. You also want to consider the cost of medical care today as a broken arm or even some minor injuries can easily result in $20,000 or more of medical bills. Always consider higher limits of coverage than state minimums and a car insurance policy which excludes several forms of insurance to provide sufficient protection for you and other people in a car accident.

Tennessee Car Insurance Companies

Almost all popular brands offer coverage in Tennessee however with over 150 licensed auto insurers its important to keep your eyes open and compare all your policy options. Many smaller providers have sufficient coverage at very affordable premiums along with strong industry ratings. The top car insurance companies in Tennessee by market share are:

Who has the Best Car Insurance Rates in Tennessee?

This is always an impossible question to answer since every driver has a different profile. While GEICO may have the best rates for you the Farmers Insurance Group may be $200 lower for your best friend. Car insurance comparison is always recommended because of the different profiles attached to each driver and the best auto insurance rates can only ever be found by comparing policies from one insurer to another.

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