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Can I get car insurance without a drivers license?

Why would you need car insurance without a driver’s license? Many reasons actually especially if you are a foreign resident or young driver and do not qualify for car insurance. The problem with not having a drivers license is you are almost impossible to rate and remember, car insurance premiums are based on risk. If a car insurance company can not rate you then its pretty hard for them to assess risk so instead of denying you car insurance coverage they may offer some applicants an option to purchase temporary car insurance. Temporary car insurance is very popular for drivers who:

  • Have a Learner’s Permit
  • Hold an International Driver License;
  • Pending issuance of a Drivers License relatively soon (60 days maximum)

Temporary insurance is very common as all kinds of situations occur which require drivers to obtain car insurance while not having an official drivers license in place. People moving to the USA from overseas or young drivers who need their own car insurance policy because of primary driver issues are just a couple examples. Obviously the lack of a valid drivers license will severely limit your choices of car insurance options however if its short term car insurance you need then its possible to buy a policy for a limited period of time.

What auto insurance providers sell Temporary car insurance?

Many insurance companies provide some form of temporary car insurance but the number of providers are far less than traditional car insurance. You can always call your local State Department of Insurance for a list of providers although most likely it will be a difficult phone call getting anybody on the phone who actually knows what you’re talking about.

What happens when my Temporary car insurance policy expires?

You will have to get new temporary car insurance in place should you wish to drive and still have issues with your drivers license. While some car insurers will automatically renew temporary car insurance policies others only provide it one time. The quickest way to avoiding the headache of temporary car insurance is do whatever it takes to get a valid drivers license in hand!

How much is Temporay Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance rates are much lower than you may think but it really depends on where you live, what your circumstances are and how much you expect to drive while under such policy. The fact is car insurance is mandatory in almost all states and the penalties and personal liability exposure of driving with no car insurance greatly outweigh the cost of temporary car insurance premiums.

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